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  1. Release him. He was a victim of mental and verbal abuse. He tried to help her. And he even tried to stay away from her….but she would not let him “leave her”. He is a modern day Robin Hood, minus the murder.
    There are alot of wealthy people that need to learn from him. He did not kill her to benefit, he did it to escape from her.

    Let him go!

  2. I believe in Bernie Tiede and his case! I support his effort to be released and this petition is part of that case. I will do all that I can to help him in doing just that. I watched the movie and I believed a crime was committed, but Bernie has served his time. Drunk drivers serve less time. People who accidentally KILL people serve less time. Bernie was a VICTIM of verbal and mental abuse at the hands of his victim! She was relentless of him and his time. She would not allow him any freedom away from her. She controlled his entire LIFE. I believe he just snapped one day under the pressure of her! I honestly don’t know how he took it that long. I also don’t believe he was entitled to a trial and jury of his peers. Due to his trial was moved to another location due to the prosecution. Bernie is a kind and gentle spirit and deserves to be released back into a community. He is a valuable human being that will give back to society and has a lot to give to others! RELEASE BERNIE TIEDE. It’s the RIGHT DECISION.

  3. I watched the movie “Bernie” and I do support this cause. I was so moved by the movie that I in fact wrote to Bernie. I received a letter in the mail today from him. What a surprise it was from a really nice guy! I am really looking forward to a life long friendship with Bernie and I hope I can help make a difference to bring about a change in his sentence! Bernie Tiede has paid for his crime and deserve’s a second chance at life to live the rest of his life outside of prison. He can be a valuable member of our society and I think any community would be the better for having Bernie as a member of their community. I look forward to seeing him released soon! Until than, I will consider Bernie Tiede a friend of mine and my world is a better place with him in it! Please watch the movie, sign and share this petition! Thank You!

  4. Where do I send a letter for him to? My husband’s friend told him about this movie, knowing that I want to be a mortician. We watched it and loved it, we have tried to be more active in “Free Bernie.” My husband and I would love to write him, if anyone can please post where to send letters to I would greatly appreciate it.

  5. Justice people… don t lie to yourself, we can all be bought for money, we can all kill,
    its humane nature, survival instinct morph into the modern wold we live in. What most of us cannot do is be a good and above average person to our surroundings to really hope and give our own oh so important time and attention to others for the better of society. Justice as we created it is not adaptable and considerate for our good deeds but rather to its own ends. Jesus also was crucified under the same system… i believe it is time to let him help us again free bernie

  6. What Bernie did was wrong. What Bernie did has no excuse, but it is surrounded by circumstances, just as all actions are. Bernie has far more to offer the world as a free man than as he does by being locked up. Bernie has very little risk of re-offending. Bernie has a high risk of being a positive member of the community. Bernie has paid his debt to society for what he has done. What debt does society have to Bernie for all the other things that he has done? At least the mercy of the justice system to let him out and allow him to live a continued life of service to his fellow man and community members. Have mercy on Bernie, just as he has demonstrated love, compassion and mercy to his fellow human beings all of his life.

  7. OK, I must confess that I had no idea about this story until January 2014 when I watched the movie. I live in Western Australia so that may not be surprising. Anyhow, I started to research the story and I am really shocked to see that Bernie is still incarcerated. Yes he did a very bad thing, BUT there were mitigating/extenuating circumstances that appear not to have been thoroughly investigated. Bernie was by all accounts that I am aware of, subject to terrible mental abuse, restricted in not only his actions but his thoughts too, which is a truly terrible thing. I NEVER would condone his actions but I cannot truly see that he deserves to still be incarcerated given the circumstances that compounded until he snapped. I have read all the sentiment concerning he could have disposed of the body etc and did not personally gain from his actions and concur with them so there is no reason to repeat them here-in. I understand that in the eyes of the law and justice dept, this case was black and white, but there MUST be some way to have this case reviewed based on previously unused evidence of the abuse?? I intend on writing Bernie this week and will continue to do so until he is a free man.

  8. If Bernie’s case were to happen to a woman, would that woman have spent any time behind bars? My guess is no.
    Bernie, I hope that your window to freedom opens soon, as you so dearly need and deserve.

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