Bernie Tiede

Bernie Tiede

Personal Message from Bernie Tiede: 

       Your friendship – your love, your concern, your prayers- means the world to me.  There is no way I could exist without your friendship.  Your constant support of our friendship is vitally important to me.  The letters that I have received, especially lately, have revitalized those friendships that I thought had withered.  Thank you so very much for proving to me that you still consider me your friend and are willing to accept me for who I am.  I want to encourage each of you to continue to love one another and care for each other.  Those of us in the penitentiary need encouraging from those of you in the outside world.  Your cards and letters literally transform the lives of those of us who are behind bars.

I am eternally grateful to my friendships with Richard Linklater and Jack Black.  They have each proved to me that they are true friends.  Through the movie “Bernie”, Richard has connected me with an Austin criminal defense lawyer, Jodi Cole, who specializes in post-appellate relief.  She and I fit together like a hand and glove, and we are working together as lawyer and client to seek relief in my case.  I have been made aware of some problems in my case, and we are exploring ways that they can be addressed.  I encourage each of you to contact her should you hold any information that might help me.

I know that we will deal with my legal case and that the right thing will happen, in the end.  My case is not over, far from it.  Regardless, no matter what happens; if I can save one person from an abusive relationship, or encourage one person to accept fully themselves and live authentically, it will mean that something good has come from this terribly sad circumstance.  That is what keeps me going every day.

I have learned many life lessons, as I like to call them.  I have learned to be much more loving, kind, and considerate to the less fortunate.  I have learned patience toward others and to be more accepting of others.  Love who you are, and truly edify who you can become.  Encourage yourself and be all that you can be.

I love my friends – I live for my friends.  I hope each of you will consider the points that I have sought to encourage you with today.  Thank you for your continued love, support, and kind thoughts.

46 thoughts on “Bernie Tiede

  1. Bernie- I have signed the petition also. You are too valuable to society to be locked away so long. May God grant you the relief you so richly deserve. You are an inspiration to others. Susan Washburn

  2. Bernie! Hello again! I have signed the petition, subcribed to the blog, and have posted a link on my Facebook page. I hope many of my friends will consider signing as well. In any case, the more people who know about you, the better. We need you out here, Bernie!

  3. Hi Bernie,
    Im a guy from belgium, thats a bit far from you.
    But keep strong in prison, I know there is in every one of us somthing good. Even in the badest person, so Bernie cheer every one up in there.


  4. I wish you a happy New Years, and hope that you had a wonderful Christmas, considering your circumstances. Last night, I watched your movie, not knowing what to expect. But after coming to the realization that you are such a genuinely good man, who like me, has done things in the past that have changed his life forever, I knew I must sign the petition, and pray for your safe return to society soon. -Alex Leon

  5. Good luck Bernie. Theres no doubt in my mind that you deserved to go to prison. However, your case got so big that they made an example out of you, and that example is that you can’t get out of being punished because you’re nice (only celebreties and OJ can do that). What happend to you isn’t fair. In my mind you have long served your term and should be out by now. So good luck :) I’m off to sign your petition now.

  6. I know you from the Jack Black movie. Even though I’m not living the same country as you do, and do not have the same religious belief, but I support you, you are a good peoson, we all love you.Good luck Bernie, sorry for my poor English.

  7. Bernie – I don’t know you but trust the film maker’s assessment after all he’s learned during and after the process of making the movie about you. I’m praying that you’ll be out of prison soon. Seems your sentence was way too stiff. It’s quite unbelievable knowing there are such dangerous criminals who are out on the street after serving much shorter sentences. I only hope you can take comfort in knowing that you are immeasurably affecting the lives of your fellow inmates in a very positive way. You’re truly doing God’s work.
    Blessings to you, Bernie.

  8. Bernie, as usual I saw your movie too. I believe you have more than paid the price for your sins and my condolences for your disposition go out. I hope your are granted mercy and forgiveness for your crime as your more than deserve it.

    • Hey Bernie I just watched the movie and enjoyed it immensely . I am currently stuck in long term rehab waiting until I regain the ability to walk. So far it’s been about 4 months and were starting to see improvement. The movie helped me by inspiring me to keep a positive attitude
      Thanks for everything and best of luck!!

  9. My Dearest Bernie~~~ I just sighed the petition because as your cousin, I know the real you and know that you are only capable of love and compassion for others! Stay strong and know that we will be together again one day soon! I love you so very much!

  10. Hello dear Bernie, I remember you from Aldersgate Chior so many moons ago. I can remember you picking us all up to go to church and the AC in your Lincoln was the best! I loved the movie I’m still best friends with Julie, Billy and Nancy P. I can’t believe it’s been over 10 years since we lost Tim. I have a concrete angel in my backyard for him. I don’t know what he’s doing up in Heaven but he’s always falling over and now has a chipped wing. Anyway,I hope you get pardoned soon. Take care-cindy

  11. Hi Bernie : )
    We just watched “Bernie” and I have taken the time to look into the real Bernie. I believe that sometimes the punishment does not fit the crime. In your case I hope that arrangements can be made to re-visit your trail. Take Care.

  12. Hi Bernie,

    We’re Americans living in Uruguay. We got to see the movie about your life a few days ago and we’ve been thinking of you ever since. We both signed your petition and I just wanted to send you a little note of encouragement. I know so many people saw the movie just like we did. I didn’t know about you or your story before that. I’m glad I know now. We can’t always understand the reasons behind the things that happen to us in life. Joseph was sold into slavery. Even if it was for a bigger purpose, I’m sure it was hard for him to see or believe that at the very moment he was alone and scared. You made a mistake, but maybe that mistake had to be made so a bigger purpose could unfold. I know it’s hard when life is short to have to spend your days separated from the world. All we can do is trust and believe it is for a reason. You’ll always be in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there, Bernie.

    Big hugs from South America.

  13. Hey Bernie just keep your head up I know your dealing with a lot right now .I read things u write and I get some inspiration from some things u write.At times I get depressed because I have no job and it feelings like thinks ant gone get better but I read something u wrote and I helped me out .So I thank u for that and God bless Good luck on your case brother

  14. Hi Bernie, I saw the movie with Jack Black, and I think your sentence is too long, so I signed your petition.

    But I just had this thought that I thought I wanted share with you. God is a mystery. That said, keep finding and shining the goodness inside you, wherever you are: by emanating a Presence of goodness and kindness to other lost souls, like inmates, you’re on a path to God and love, like no other. Maybe there is a reason for your suffering, maybe you are a gift from God to help souls who are lost, and who you share this path with in jail. To them, to many, you can show them that goodness is inside us all, no matter how hard or confusing life gets and the mistakes we make along the way. Take heart and stay strong.

    I’m not particularly religious too, but these thoughts came to me and are from the heart, so I feel it the right thing to share.

  15. Hallo Bernie,
    My name is Dimitris and i’m from Greece. I just watched the movie “Bernie” and i can’t even describe how surprised and socked i was when – in the end – i found out it was a true story!
    I can only say that sometimes bad things happen to good people or as a saying we have in my country goes it’s :”Η κακιά η ώρα”..That translates something like “Bad timing” or “One bad moment”.
    I too think that the years you spend locked up for your crime (untill now) is enought! I wish and hope you’ll be a free man again soon!

  16. Our thoughts are with you Bernie, hope you’ll be free soon, u r a good person, u dont deserve to be in prison that long, god bless you.

  17. Watched the movie and loved it. Just signed the petition. Make the most out of your current situation, but dream beyond the walls. You are most definately in our prayers.

  18. Just saw the movie… Thanks Jack, you did a good deed to bring this to the publics attention,… signed the petition and am look forward to a happy ending and the sequel,….

  19. Mr Tiede, I have followed your case for years and always keep you in my prayers. I would love to write to you, but cannot find where you are. I firmly believe you will be free soon, and will be signing your petition. Sending my love and prayers your way………..M

  20. Bernie, I signed the petition. I will continue to pray for your release and for justice to persevere. I have never taken the time to do something like this, but whats right is right!!! I believe you deserve to be free and hope nothing but the best for you :)

  21. Hello, Bernie! I didn’t know about your case until I first saw the movie over 8 months ago. What story! I think you should be FREE!! That old lady tormented you too long & you just snapped. I think any other human being would too if they were abusive psychologically & verbally as you were, by her….I hope you get released sometime!! I’m behind you ALL the way….

  22. Bernie i felt compelled to come here after watching Mr Jack Black in your film & i hope you are in good spirits. I am currently struggling with my own issues & watching this film as given me a new outlook on things. Peace be with you & stay strong.

  23. You are forever important in my life. I continually pray for you to have a much greater life out here. But I can testify that Christ truely lives in you in the manner that you treat others. May God continue to bless you and work through whereve you mat be.

  24. Bernie: I’ve watched the movie several times and it brought to mind a recent relationship I ended where I was being abused and the abusers all have the same characteristics…I was able to see where mine was headed and ended it quickly. God Bless you

  25. Bernie
    I hope you get your sentence reduced. I empathize with your situation and understand how hard it is to want to “please everyone” Eventually something has to give! You are truly an inspiration and I admire your positive outlook. Wish I had a little of that.

  26. Hang in there Bernie – God’s plan for you is not over – thus you are where he needs you to be right now – providing love, support and friendship to the many inmates who dont have as much love and suppport as you do. God Bless you.

  27. Hi Bernie,
    I just saw the movie and was surprised to find you are a real person in a real situation.
    I do believe we are not given more than we can handle. You made a poor choice, in a heated moment, but I believe you were unfairly sentenced, given that other people in similar situations have received much lighter sentences- I think you should be up for parole now, or soon.
    I highly recommend you read “The Secret”. It addresses how we manifest and attract things and circumstances into our lives. I know you’re a Christian, but the book does not contradict Christian beliefs, if you substitute the author’s jargon (“manifest” = “pray with faith” etc.) for your own.
    Good luck.

  28. Bernie: I’ve seen the movie a few times and it was good because it brought to light your plight which I am interested in. We all have those times in our lives we did something we regretted. I have and so has everyone else I’ve come into contact with. God does forgive when we are sincere, and I believe you just snapped. And then it was something that was permanent but you’ve repented and there is purpose for your life.

  29. Dear Bernie, my husband and I (we live in far-off South Africa) watched the movie, “Bernie” last night and I have now just read your blog and signed your petition. Given the circumstances, we felt that you were not adequately represented at your trial and we are pleased that Jodi Cole is taking up your case. You are a valuable member of society, whether in prison or out, though we think that after 15 years, and given your character and your care for people, you deserve to be out of prison. You know yourself how valuable are the insights you have gained through your entire experience. Perhaps you might also be interested in the future in campaigning for prison inmates around the world who have far fewer rights and far worse circumstances than in American prisons – you can certainly speak with the empathy and authority of experience.
    God bless you and your friends, both inside prison and out, in all your efforts.

  30. Dear Bernie,
    .my name is Nicholas and I live in Australia, I find it hard to believe that you are still in prison after 15 years, and still suffering for a single,stupid angry act that I am sure that you’ve
    regretted ever since it happened.
    Many years ago I was a photojournalist, and my editor sent me to interview and photograph an aboriginal man who was the longest serving prisoner in Australia (24 years…) for a stupid murder that he committed whilst so drunk that he couldn’t remember it, and was therefore unable to defend himself adequately, so he lingered in a 10′ cell without hope for all those years, his case reminded me about the uncaring and fixed attitude that we sometimes hold against those that have made stupid and silly mistakes…..
    In Australia we have a saying that everyone deserves “A fair go” -something that has obviously not happened to you, but, your life has meaning and I am sure that your story has helped many people in their lives and struggles. You come across as a positive and caring guy, your place is out in the community, helping and contributing, and not stuck in a cell.
    Bernie, I have nothing to offer you except my signature for your petition and my positive thoughts, I know that’s not much, but if we can get a few more thousand people interested in your case maybe we can influence the powers that be to have another look at your case and give you “A fair go”.
    My families and my best wishes for your swift return to a happy and positive freedom.

    Nicholas Guy

    Cygnet….Tasmania…… Australia……. November 24 2013

  31. Blessings and love to you Bernie. You do not belong in prison. I know how mental and physical abuse can change a person to do something they are normally not capable of in ordinary circumstances. Petition is signed. I am an Australian who had to flee a crazy person (ex) so much that I now live in Finland under a different name. I understand more than you know. All my strength to you. xx

  32. I just watched your movie, and it was a big surprise to know is based in a real story, your story, You did kill the lady, but that doesn’t make you a bad person, you are a good person, to good to say the truth…Law should focus in real killers, those who are just looking to do bad to everyone, but those people are walking around free… I pray you can have a second chance Bernie…I will be praying for. You. And yoir freedom, and I have no. Doubt God put you in there to reach all those lost souls ,that no one can reach as you. Blessings .✋

  33. Greetings from a very damp UK

    Bernie, just seen the film, you are a remarkable individual and it was clear that you were the innocent party in this.

    Keep the faith my friend, god forgives those who can admit to doing a wrong

  34. Mijo, I didn’t get a chance to send you a letter before you left to the county but my wife and I have been keeping up with the on-line status of your hearing. I miss you and really hope and pray that you get to be released. When i saw your face of the front page arriving in Carthage I was sharing just how joyful you were to be wearing orange instead of white. smiles..Remember that angels wear white and all saints start off with stains on their garments. I relay messages to Doc and Ruben and Esteban about your status and the St. Dismas community is praying for you. Father Joseph sends his regards as well as your friends back in Beeville. I hope we can finally get a letter to you. Saw the movie soon after I was home. And shared it with the other brothers out here. We love you. Praying for you and a little more this Lenten season. God Bless…IZZY

  35. Keep strong Bernie, one momentary lapse of judgement should not see you suffer so long.You are a good person and every situation you are in brings sunshine and light to people, you are a joy to the world and hopefully can return to the world soon.Off to sign petition.

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